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HBF, Healthy Beverage & Foods is the idea of a travel enthusiast,
notably its founder Abdoulaye THIOMBANE.

" Visiting a new country often meant discovering its own food.

The beautiful places, the people that we discover in a new destination forge unforgettable memories in us but not only that, also everything that we ate and drank there.

That's where I got the idea to share this taste experience by bringing from the four corners of the globe what I could find as healthy and delicious food and drinks to be accessible to all."

HBF's mission is to combine food and nutrition with wellness.

Our goal is to find trends in the global food and beverage market that are good, fun and functional, and made naturally for our customers.

HBF is a French company that will do everything possible to combine : Good - Natural - Well-being,
in order to make you experience unique moments of tasting and sharing.